About Us

The vision of the Centre is to be a space that facilitates more of the fullness of life by hosting activities that promote: 

  •     Mental and physical wellbeing
  •     Social & relational connectedness

We provide high-quality, accessible facilities on a single floor, including a large sports hall, medium sized meeting room, kitchen, and church hall. 

We aim to improve the quality of life of those who live, work, and study in Heathcote and the surrounding areas. We host a range of health, educational, recreational, and social opportunities which strengthen social links and break down barriers within and between communities. 

Our History

In 2000 the original building was designed and built by Warwick District Council. It was leased to Heathcote Parish Church (then called Warwick Gates Community Church) to run the Church and Community Centre. 

In 2018 a team from the church started to dream about how the building could be reconfigured and adapted to serve more of the local needs. In 2021 the final touches were made to the building project. This project, a response to the rapid and extensive growth of Warwick’s population in the new housing developments, was funded by the church and other local generous bodies

The new layout enhanced how the Centre can be used and the safeguarding that can be achieved. New groups are joining the Centre and we’re always open to conversations about how the space can be hired to benefit the local community. 

Meet the Centre Manager

Rach Clarke

Rach Clarke

Centre Manager

Rach joined the Centre in 2023 as the Centre Manager to oversee the smooth running of the day-to-day management of the Centre. 

Rach is supported by a Management Committee, a group of dedicated volunteers working towards ensuring the Community Centre can continue to serve the local people. They are in turn supported by the PCC, a group of trustees who have been given overall responsibility of running the centre by Warwick District Council.