Health & Wellbeing 

Mental and physical health and wellbeing are areas most people are becoming more aware of. Research shows that being active in and connected to people in your local community is good for your health and wellbeing. The Heathcote Community Centre’s vision is for this space to be a positive influence on people when they step through the doors. 

Heathcote Hub

Rachel Clarke –

Thursday 12.45 – 3pm

All are welcome to come for conversation, games and a light lunch. 

Wellbeing Walks

Wellbeing Walks – Warwick District Council (

Wellbeing Walks (

Jo Dagg –

Tuesdays circa 11:30- 1:00pm 

You don’t need to book on the walk and can just turn up but you can email Jo if you have questions.

How far – 1-3 miles depending on ability

What do I need? – Just yourself and suitable footwear

Rambler’s Wellbeing Walks are England’s largest network of health walks with over 400 active schemes, helping people across the country lead a more active lifestyle and meet local people in their